Get organized today
because you will...

Feel in control
Reduce not only
physical clutter
but mental clutter
Have less stress when
your house is in order
Set an example for
your children in
personal responsibility
and organization
Have everything in its place
and a place for everything
Know that you are a person that has gotten me through a really tough time and I consider you an angel sent by HIM. And, once again, you helped me... I see how FAR I HAVE COME!!!
- M. | New Iberia, LA

My office still looks wonderful. I am super excited with the results. Best news of all: Got in my replacement check from a couple of years ago that we found. Whooo hoooo!!! Having you come to the house truly was a treat to myself!
- D. | Lafayette, LA

I have a functional desk that I love…..about to prepare for taxes with the system you set up for me…. With your help it is much easier to work in my office…new desk facing to my beautiful yard, legal filing system is fantastic and organization of my apparel line. Thank you so much for your help…it was definitely a blessing and just what I needed. I will refer you every chance I get☺
- A.M. | Broussard, LA

It has been nearly a year and a half since Edie last graced my home, and everything is still where it "lives". We went from one room to another a day at a time, with each visit being several weeks to a month apart. Before I knew my entire home was organized. We were able to find a home for everything that I still needed or loved and the rest found its way to second hand stores for others to enjoy my past treasures. This indeed has been the best money I have ever spent. I was able to get rid of years of accumulated things that I no longer needed and had fun doing it. It doesn't get much better than that.
- Wendy | New Iberia, LA

Hi Edie,
I can't thank you enough for the nice visit you gave me yesterday. I enjoyed the company by my side the warmness of your much-needed guidance. I would like you to come again let schedule please! Again thanks so much you’re greatly appreciated.
- Joy | Erath, Louisiana

I can't begin to tell you how efficient and professional I feel! Everything is so easy to do now, because I know where everything is. I am on top of my game more than I ever have been! I'm getting things done that I have always wanted to in my business and never could because of how disorganized I was. The difference has made me aware of how bad it really was! My husband is even on fire! The Monday after you came....HE GOT EVERYTHING DONE! You are amazing. I can't wait to bring you to my other office. Thank you for everything!!!!
- Theriot | Lafayette, Louisiana

After such a long period of disorganization, it is SO REFRESHING to have a portion of this house done! I truly believe God puts angels among us and there is no doubt in my mind that He placed you in my life. Your title doesn't include the fact that you are also a counselor/therapist. I have been working on becoming more positive as well as continuing to work on my clothes in the closet.
- LeBlanc | New Iberia, Louisiana

As I surveyed the damage in my playroom, all I could think was that these toys would NEVER fit back into the playroom closet (at least in an organized fashion). However, two hours later, I realized how wrong I was; with Edie's energy and enthusiasm, I had the organized toy closet of my dreams! Since then, we have managed to keep the closet organized and the boys can find all of their collections. Thanks Edie!
- Sarah | Lafayette, Louisiana

"Simple elegance with a glamorous flare" would describe the unique talent of Edie Williams as she turned my home in to a Southern Show Place for the open house "Tour of Homes" that my home was featured in. Her ability to take simple pieces and turn them into masterpieces is unexplainable. I long for her to cross the miles and return to my home and re-establish that beauty each season.
- J V | Newton, Mississippi

Le Organizzare has provided my family with many services. We've had the opportunity to experience services that provided us with a professional eye for what needed to be achieved as well as paying special attention to detail. Le Organizzare not only met our expectations on each project, but also surpassed our expectations with their service of excellence! They provided services ranging from organizing closets to coordinating a Book Release party. It has been a fun journey to work with Le Organizzare, especially during the Christmas season. We continue to look forward to working with your company and all the wonderful services you offer.
- Dee | Youngsville, Louisiana

Le Organizzare alleviated all my planning anxieties! I was the unconventional bride, who could not sort my ideas for the perfect wedding day and formulate a plan. Mrs. Williams professionally and patiently worked with me and my wedding coordinator during the planning process, and then she helped define the décor to make my wedding reception elegant despite my preferred sentimental (and untraditional) outdoor venue. Mrs. Williams demonstrated excellent problem-solving skills during an unexpected down pour the morning of my reception and managed to orchestrate a beautiful celebration. She took my simple ideas for flowers and transformed them into beautiful arrangements that were perfect for the occasion! She is full of creativity and was definitely a blessing!
- L.C. | Yazoo City, Mississippi

Edie, I was worrying at first how it would all work out; and to my surprise it was quite easy and not as painful as I thought. Thanks so much for your patience and guidance.
Thanks Again,
- Collins | Lafayette, Louisiana

Dear Edie... Thank you ever so much for the extraordinary effort you put into making our daughter’s beach wedding a dream come true for both her and her husband. Your hard work, planning and last minute touches paid off in compliments from all the guests including the photographer and wedding officiates with Barefoot Weddings who expressed they had never seen the pavilion look so beautiful. Your layout of the beach pavilion made the celebration an intimate and relaxed affair. The natural elements of seashells, sand and ferns combined with the romantic lighting of candles and twinkle lights threading through the white netting provided a dreamy backdrop to this evening affair. The artful way you laid out the serving tables, wedding cake and food was so beautiful and inviting for all of the guests to enjoy. You are a hard working, talented and creative professional with social skills that add elegance to the events you orchestrate. Thank you for memories that will last a lifetime for a mother and daughter.
- Terry | Lafayette, Louisiana